Thursday, May 21, 2009

Valerio Cosi & Enzo Franchini - Conference Of The Aquarians (Last Visible Dog, 2008)

"Unlike anything I’ve ever heard before! This is craziness! Free jazz with a noise flavor. At times toe-tapping. At times jarring. At times soul-soothing. Sax notes dart around like an unstable maniac caught in a panic, squeezing the trigger incessantly. Track 4 explodes with drums caught in an identity crisis, sometimes jazzy, sometimes like Monster from the Muppets. This album keeps you guessing as you honestly don’t know what’s getting thrown your way next.

It gets high marks just for sheer entertainment value. It’s fun. It’s unpredictable. It’s diverse. Definitely something that’ll make you ready for anything. If you can open up your mind to appreciate this, with all that it’s trying to accomplish, you can pretty much appreciate anything. That’s another strength. Never before have I heard something that has consciously made me a better listener. After hearing this, I now pick up things on other discs that I had never heard before. My third eye has awakened.

Valerio Cosi is definitely building up quite a catalog of releases. He has released work on great labels such as Digitalis, Foxglove, Last Visible Dog, Students of Decay, and Ruralfaune. Definitely a name to keep checking up on. As eclectic as Valerio’s sound is—I mean, sounds are—I’m sure there is lots of progression that he will realize throughout his explorations. Whether this is your first time being confronted with his growing name, or you’ve been a long-time follower, this is a great album to get your feet wet or continue your travels through his artistic journey of the potential of sound. 8/10"

-- Dave Miller, Foxy Digitalis


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