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Anal Vomit - Demoniac Flagellations (From Beyond Productions, 2004)

NOT GRIND this is straightforward old school blackened/thrash metal from Peru.

"Death and Black Metal, in the most true and purest form, has always been a manifestation of rebellion, hatred, and most of all, freedom from the bonds of religion and society – the institutions which are used to control and manipulate the masses through fear and deception. The darkness which lurks as an underlining presence in all honest Death and Black Metal is often the direct result of the frustrations and intolerance felt by those who do NOT conform to the rules established by these enslaving factors which effect the lives of humans in all countries and societies. The area in which you live, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, will always have an affect over your personality, your emotions, your view on life…

One of the earliest lessons I learned as a young metaller was that South American Death/Black metal was among the most extreme music on the planet. I remember purchasing Sarcófago's I.N.R.I. on my 16 th birthday, and realizing instantly why Dead of the mighty Mayhem had such a fascination with them. The aggression and primal HATRED in the music was unlike anything I'd ever heard… Sarcófago instantly became the most pissed off music I had in my collection (making my first metal album ever, Reign in Blood, seem like child's play). From that point on my soul was sold to the South American Death/Black metal scene, as I was continuously amazed by bands I discovered afterwards such as Vulcano from Brazil, Atomic Aggressor from Chile, Mortem from Perú. In the same way that Thrash belonged to the German's in the 80's and Death Metal belonged to Sweden in the late 80's/early 90's, in my mind the most raw of all Extreme Metal belonged to the countries of South America in it's entirety.

In the 1990's, Norwegian Black Metal began to receive a lot of attention from the media… suddenly many people around the world were for the first time learning about a style of music that already existed in South America years before. Anyone that has really done their homework on Metal would recognize the importance and honesty of the South American scene… in fact Euronymous of Mayhem quotes Parabellum of Colombia as “one of the most true bands to ever exist”. What is it that made South American metal so unique, so passionate, so genuine, and so goddamn fucking extreme?

Recall my opening paragraph… South America from an anthropological perspective is one of the areas in the world that is most affected by religious oppression. Catholicism's disgusting ideology has dominated the government and social norms in South America since the Spanish and Portuguese first usurped the lands from the indigenous people. The harder you press an individual who does not wish to conform to the lies and the bullshit, the more ferocious and the more furious the outcome will be. The more the enslaving bonds of religion effect your daily life, the brighter the liberating flame of Lucifer will burn in your soul – and what is Metal but an expression of the darkness within?

What Anal Vomit have created with their debut album, Demoniac Flagellations, is the magnum opus of the South American Death/Black metal sound. Originally formed as a goregrind band in 1989, the band later adopted influences such as very early Sepultura, old Holocausto, and the mighty Sarcófago. These influences are clearly manifested on this album – from the very first song, "Sendero Siniestro". You are instantly assaulted with the most furious blast beats since D.D. Crazy and Igor Skullcrusher first took to their kits, and a riff that commands your head to bang. The opening Wagner Antichrist falsetto scream is so dead on it sends chills down my spine. I cannot imagine hearing this song and not having the primal urge to headbang into a coma.

Guitar wise, the sound and structure can be directly related to Sarcófago, just listen to the opening riff in Temptation and Pleasure – which is the most accurate display of Sarcófago worship I have ever encountered. Very simple, thrash-like structures combined with intense bestial blastbeats and the most vicious sounding vocals imaginable are the blueprints for the songs on this album. Some of the songs have English lyrics, and some of them have Spanish lyrics, showcasing the bands Peruvian origins. Whichever language the band chooses to be writing in, the vocals of Possessor (who also plays bass for the band) are barked out like a possessed pitbull with a true sense of anger and disgust.

The production of this album manages to be clear without sounding like overproduced Dimmu Borgir studio wankery – all instruments are audible and loud enough to cause permanent damage to your eardrums. It's amazing to me that only three people can create such an energetic storm of sonic destruction, without compromises or bullshit. The album contains two cover songs, “Cámara de Torturas” by the early Peruvian band Mortuorio in 1989, and the classic “Antichrist”, originally written by Wagner Antichrist before he was kicked out of Sepultura. Both of these songs show the roots that inspired this band, from the guitar riffs to the drumming style. The bizarre, twisted tremelo and the minimalistic punk approach, the amateur musicianship that is executed with so much passion that one could care less that Yngwie Malmsteen isn't playing the guitar. Anal Vomit manages to create a dark and sinister atmosphere which carries a hateful undertone that is exclusive to the bands and metallers in South America . This kind of Metal cannot be cloned or copied, it is genuine and REAL and the greatest bands from South America, from Mutilator to Krisiun all carry this same unique and identifiable essence.

This album has everything a fan of South American metal can ask for, from the primitive and aggressive riffing, to the bestial drumming, to the pure and uncompromised feelings of hatred evoked within the dark art of Metal. Everything that I love about bands from this part of the world is represented in this album, which is a refreshing taste of nostalgic purity for a metal fan with roots in the early days. This album gets a 8.5 score from me, and stands next to Abhorrence – Evoking the Abomination as my favorite modern day South American Death Metal album. This album will definitely appeal more to the fans of the ‘old school' South American sound, even fans of early German and Australian metal will be able to relate and connect with this album. But all in all, this album is a testimony that South American metal is not a gimmick or a joke, but an unstoppable force of aggression that can stand it's ground in the worldwide metal scene, from the 80's to the present day.


--Nate Poblete, Diabolical Conquest


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